Testing & Certification

The IDEAL team will issue you with a cert 1 or cert 3 on completion of our jobs depending on the size and criteria of the work involved. This give you piece of mind and clarification that we meet the high standards and regulations set for us today by Safe Electric.

Electrical installations deteriorate with age and use, system failures can be costly and unsafe. IDEAL electrical can ensure your electric installations are fully compliant with regulations and safe for your family or colleagues, offering fault finding services, inspection reports to emergency lighting.

For periodic inspection reports we provide a thorough safety inspection of all your electric installations throughout your home or workplace. We use the best quality and calibrated test equipment available to complete the testing and afterwards provide you with a detailed inspection report which highlights any faults or issues uncovered and steps to rectify these. These tests can be carried out annually and will uncover any potential electric shock risks, fire hazards, faulty circuits and lack of earthing and bonding.

If you need to re-energise a newly acquired home or need a new connection, we can issue with a Completion Cert 1 to rectify this. We perform a pre connection test in order to have the ESB energise the power and then perform a post connection test to ensure the electrical installation meets todays standards.

The emergency lighting system has three major purposes: To illuminate exit routes, to keep communal areas lit and to provide sufficient light for proper shutdown during high-risk processes. It is a statutory requirement that all businesses must have emergency lighting. This is to allow the safe and efficient evacuation of all people on the premises in the event of an emergency. The IDEAL team can test your emergency lighting system quarterly or annually to ensure your system is working adequately and we will ensure it is logged in an appropriate book.