Outdoor Lighting

Adding more light to the outside of your home and garden can be done in a number of ways, whether it is for security purposes, feature lighting or garden lighting projects we are the IDEAL solution!

Security lighting around your house can be used to deter unwanted visitors and make you aware of any movement around your property. Having a combination of flood lights and PIR sensors in the right areas will give you that peace of mind and sense of security. Not only having flood lights at high level around your home highlighting the area below is a great idea but also flood lights at low level in your garden directed at your property can very effective.

Feature lighting around your home is not only functional but aesthetically engaging. Fascia lights, wall mounted lights and recessed ground level lights are a very simple and effective way to give a soft light around your property.

The IDEAL team specialise in LED garden lighting projects and not only can we do the full installation but can assist you with the design aspect also, with years of experience in this area and having worked with some of the best landscaping companies in Ireland. From simple LED spike lights highlighting shrubs and small trees to recessed LED strip lighting in walls, walkways and steps. Finding the right balance between the different lights is key and can make the difference between a nice garden and a stunning garden. The IDEAL experts can guide you from start to completion.