Solar PV FAQ

Welcome to our Solar PV FAQ section! Here, you'll find answers to the most common questions about solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. Whether you're considering installing a Solar PV system or just want to learn more, we're here to help. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact IDEAL Solar and Electrical for more information.

Do Solar Panels Really Work in Ireland?

Yes, indeed! Solar energy in Ireland is booming, with many new homes proudly sporting solar panels. Our panels soak up daylight (not just sunlight!), making them a perfect fit for Ireland's climate. They’re a brilliant choice for powering homes with green energy, even on the cloudiest days.

Solar Panels Cost Ireland?

Determining the cost of solar panels in Ireland requires considering several factors. Each system is carefully tailored to suit your specific energy needs, accounting for variables like system size, type, and the materials used. Fortunately, now is an excellent opportunity to transition to solar power, with the Irish government providing attractive incentives such as 0% VAT on residential systems and SEAI grants for both residential and commercial installations.

Is it worth getting Solar Panels in Ireland?

Solar panels present a fantastic opportunity for both homeowners and businesses in Ireland. They not only help cut down on energy expenses but also contribute to environmental conservation. Thanks to government incentives, making the switch to solar is now more affordable than ever. Plus, the savings they bring over time mean they practically pay for themselves. It's a win-win situation for your pocket and the planet!

How Much Power Can I Expect from My Solar Panels?

Wondering how much power your solar panels will produce? Picture them as your power station, generating electricity based on the sunlight they capture, influenced by factors like system type and orientation. At IDEAL Solar, our expert team assesses your energy consumption and tailors a system to slash up to 80% off your yearly electricity bills.

Can I Earn Money by Sharing Energy Back to the Grid?

You might be able to turn your solar panels into a little side income. Every solar-powered homeowner with electricity to spare is eligible for the Clean Export Guarantee (CEG) tariff, which ensures you receive payment at a competitive rate for any energy you sell to your supplier.

Do solar panels need Wi-Fi to work?

No, solar panels do not require Wi-Fi to operate. They convert sunlight into electricity through the photovoltaic effect, completely independent of Wi-Fi connectivity. However, certain solar systems may include Wi-Fi-enabled monitoring and control features, allowing users to remotely monitor their energy production and usage. It's worth noting that if your Wi- Fi connection is offline, your monitoring app may not display data, but your solar system will continue to function normally.

Will My Solar Panels Heat My Water, Too?

Absolutely! Our Solar PV systems do more than just light up your home; with an added hot water diverter, they can also heat your water, making sure not a drop of that precious solar energy goes to waste and saving you time not having to wait for the water to heat up!

Will Solar Panels Affect My TV or Phone Signal?

Nope, no interference here. Enjoy crystal-clear reception with zero impact from your solar setup.

Do I Need Planning Permission for Solar Panels?

Fortunately, the installation of solar panels on domestic properties is exempt from planning permission. As of October 7, 2022, there is no longer a limit to the area of solar panels that can be installed on rooftops of homes across the country. Solar installations are now permitted to cover the entire roof of a house. However, it's important to note that there are some regulations regarding protected buildings.

How Quick Is the Installation Process?

Get ready to go solar in just one day! Our expert team works fast to switch your home to solar power without any disruption to your daily.

How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

Your solar panels are in it for the long haul. Most systems come with a guarantee of 25 to 35 years, but don't be surprised if they keep powering your home beyond that. They're designed to withstand weather and wear, ensuring you get a return on your investment for decades.

Will Solar Panels Increase My Property Value?

Yes, they likely will. Homes with solar installations often attract higher selling prices. They're seen as modern, eco-friendly, and cost-saving—big pluses in today’s real estate market. It's an investment that pays off now with energy savings and later if you decide to sell. A Solar PV system will also improve your BER energy rating.

What Maintenance Do Solar Panels Require?

Very little, actually. Rain usually takes care of the cleaning, but an occasional check-up and clean can help maintain their efficiency. No daily or weekly chores required – just set up, generate, and enjoy the savings.

What’s the Difference Between Solar PV and Solar Thermal?

Solar PV (Photovoltaic) panels convert sunlight into electricity, which can power your home’s appliances and lights. Solar thermal panels absorb sunlight to heat water directly. Both are eco-friendly ways to reduce energy costs, but they serve different purposes in your home.

Is My Roof Suitable for Solar Panels?

While many roofs can accommodate them, the best spots have plenty of sunlight, minimal shade, and ample space. During your complimentary assessment, we'll check if your roof is a good fit to ensure you get the most effective solar setup for your home. The IDEAL team offers different options for where to place panels, including ground mounts and wall systems.

What Happens During a Power Outage?

During a power outage, a Solar PV system typically shuts down for safety reasons. However, if your system has a backup box, it will maintain power to priority circuits, ensuring essential appliances remain operational.

How Quickly Will I See Savings After Installation?

Typically, homeowners see immediate savings on electricity bills once the system is operational. However, the time to recoup your investment depends on factors like system size and energy usage. Consider it a long-term saving strategy. On average, payback time in Ireland is around 6 years, but the IDEAL team will provide a customized calculation for you in your Solar PV proposal.

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